How to prepare for childbirth: stage 3

Every day in the life of the pregnant woman approaches the time when you need to let into our world of the new man. Delivery is always very exciting, and to prepare for them should not for two days and not even a week.

First, of course, you need to prepare yourself psychologically. To do this, you must talk with your doctor, midwife, read the relevant literature. The expectant mother needs to know the sequence of the course of childbirth and how it should behave.

Secondly, every pregnant woman during all 9 months of may to prepare themselves for a decisive moment physically. This is not to forget about gymnastics for pregnant and breathing exercises. And be sure to remember daily walks, which are able to strengthen the muscles of legs and abdomen, which will be useful during childbirth.

After the sixth month of pregnancy (the third trimester) should purposefully perform exercises aimed at the willingness of pregnant women to stress during childbirth.

In addition to physical exercises to prepare for childbirth the woman to help her husband. To do this, after the 35th week of regular sex without a condom, because the sperm, softening the cervix prepares for childbirth.

You should make adjustments in your daily menu, refusing frequent consumption of meat, replacing it with fish, bread - only coarse bran, necessarily to eat cheese and vegetables, at night to drink kefir (it will get rid of heartburn and constipation).

The chest also requires some preparation that should be done with caution, because touching the nipples provoke uterine contractions.

The expectant mother must pay attention to the condition of their Breasts. Wearing only need cotton bra, do not wash your Breasts with soap, apply to massage the breast is a douche and try often to go with an open chest. Colostrum, which by this time will have to stand out from the nipple, it is better to RUB the areola and nipple.

Thirdly, you need to take care of the choice of the hospital. You can try to find online reviews from already parous women, to visit attracted the hospital yourself. To think, maybe it would be better to go to the hospital to reduce the risk of surprise to zero. Possible option to give birth at a specific doctor. Now the women are given the opportunity to choose the hospital yourself.

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The most important thing is to be mentally prepared for the upcoming test, positively perceive reality and to get the support of family and friends.

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