How to prepare for caesarean section

Caesarean section is a surgical method of delivery, when the baby is born not by natural, but by using laparotomic incision. This operation is an emergency, and it is planned. Emergency caesarean sections carried out immediately in the presence of a life threatening condition for both mother and baby. Planned same operation cesarean section is usually performed in the presence of the mother or the child has any contraindications for delivery in a natural way. It is planned to surgery, the woman can and should prepare in advance. Read more about caesarean section, please click here.

As a rule, obstetrician-gynecologists decide on the mode of delivery for a few days to the delivery. During these days, the woman carry out various methods of examination and prescribe corrective therapy, appropriate to her condition.

There are a few rules by which a woman can properly prepare for this type of delivery and to facilitate completion, the operation and the postoperative period.

Nutrition of women in the day before surgical intervention should be easy. All meals must be completed strictly up to six o'clock in the evening. After the specified time, it is strictly prohibited to consume any food or liquid.

In the evening you need to take the usual hygienic shower and to prepare in advance all the things that may be useful in the postoperative period. The expectant mother needs to sleep well, which means that if she has trouble sleeping, she needs to consult with your doctor about sedatives.

Things you will need to the woman in the postoperative period, and you need to prepare ahead include: one litre of clean drinking water without necessarily gas, one lemon, cut small slices in the Bank, two elastic bandage type long not less than two and a half meters. This bandage midwife sumative the woman's legs to prevent thrombotic complications of the lower extremities.

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Bathrobe and Slippers and a phone you can take with you, after putting it all in a bag and write on it the name. These things the woman will receive immediately after transfer from ICU wards in the postnatal wards.

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