How to prepare for a dental visit?

Visiting the dentist for many is one of the most horrible nightmares all life, not only for children but for adults. This is not surprising, because a close relationship with a dentist is often associated with a number of unpleasant sensations. However, there are several ways that may not turn a doctor's visit into a fun holiday, but at least able to alleviate the suffering in the dental chair. The first thing to eliminate some time from your diet alkogolesoderzhaschee drinks. Persisting in the body for several days, it could be the reason that even shock the share of anesthetic will not bring the desired effect, going to the doctor have to move on next time. Try to arrange a day visit to the doctor so that after a reception at the dentist you do not have to conduct important negotiations, because the consequences paralyzing injection or cotton swabs in the mouth after tooth removal is not the best tool for the speaker. In addition, after the visit, you will be unable to eat for several hours, therefore it is better to do it beforehand. If the dentist is interested in your health, it does not from idle curiosity. In addition to questions about how you care for your teeth and oral cavity (do not hesitate to answer them honestly), the dentist is important to know the state of your General health, in order to elect the right path of treatment. So, for a person taking hormonal drugs that will suit every pain. Lactating and pregnant women may be contraindicated in the setting of the seal. If the person cannot breathe through the nose, because of the high humidity in the oral cavity may occur improper curing of the seal. And, of course, a trip to the doctor should prenepremenno defer if you have serious health problems: colds, runny nose and even critical days women can negate almost all of the positive effects of treatment, and the disease can significantly spoil the impression from a visit to the dentist. And don't forget before going to the dentist clean your teeth. So doctors do not have to wonder what you are hiding there, under a thick layer of plaque. And bring something. This is not necessarily a gift dentist doctor - take drugs to control seizures associated with chronic diseases (if any) or even paper napkins, to have something to freshen up after the reception. Based on the materials

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