How to make eyebrows thicker

Fashion changes, and if a year ago, fashion was thin eyebrows type "thread", now at the peak of popularity of natural eyebrows. And natural, it means thick and dark eyebrows. And what do the girls who follow fashion, has visibili all their natural edge? The answer is simple - to mask and to grow.

First, about the methods of disguise. In any woman's makeup bag will be black pencil with soft lead. He is a loyal friend to the dark eyebrows.

First you need to learn carefully, draw eyebrows. Try to maximize the repeat line growth of your natural eyebrows, because this form chosen by nature, is the perfect shape of your face. After you have the perfect figure, blend cotton swab.

In the future you can buy a special eyebrow pencil, brown and with a special brush for shading.

Another option disguise - eyebrows. Permanent makeup eyebrow has the advantage, because you can not be afraid of accidentally erase eyebrows in the pool or on the beach. The tattoo is made from natural dyes, lasts about 3 years, after which it dissipates, leaving no traces. Responsibly choice of masters and beauty, listen to the recommendations and reviews.

And in order to grow eyebrows, you only need a little to stimulate their growth. For this purpose grease every night eyebrows with a mixture of burdock and castor oils. This mixture can also be applied to lashes, then after a month you do not learn, they will become long and fluffy.

Once a day massage movements RUB the skin around the eyebrows liquid vitamins a and E. You can buy them at any pharmacy. Prefer liquid vitamins in a glass ampoule, and not fat solutions of vitamins in the bottle, because the first is more effective, due to their better absorption into the skin.

At night, you can wipe your brow, cut lengthwise, a clove of garlic. This will stimulate the circulation in this area, and thus to nourish hair follicles. The first 10 minutes you will feel a slight burning sensation, but it is bearable, and the ambulance will disappear.

If you have overlooked dried ink, then it will be useful. Take a brush and wash it with soap under running water, to wash off the paint. This brush regularly comb the eyebrows of the hair growth. It is also possible to apply oils and vitamins.

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Don't forget that eyebrows frame your face, and need to keep them in perfect condition.

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