How to maintain healthy teeth

The beauty and health of the teeth is not a myth. And you able to ensure their health. Even in case of predisposition, e.g. caries in childhood do not despair, because dentistry is not in place, and even a serious zabolevania can be cured. But best of all, cares about the health of your teeth from a young age,then these problems can be circumvented. And here you come to the aid of proper care of the oral cavity.

Dental health is based on the features of your power. For example, if you're an avid sweet tooth, nothing will insure you from visiting the dentist. Enemy of the teeth is sugar, because it is converted by bacteria into acid, corrosive minerals that are useful. The result weakens tooth enamel, your teeth are caries and are easily fractured, sometimes periodontal disease.

Calcium will come to your aid. What products this trace contains? This can include dairy products (milk, cheese), almonds, sesame seeds, cheese and fish. Of course, you also need to take vitamin complexes. And in the weakening of the enamel (the appearance of the teeth barely visible cracks), you can buy calcium-fortified products.

In addition to proper diet, you must care for your teeth. To clean them you need at least twice a day. You should not approach it directly after a meal. When you eat acid is formed in the oral cavity, they contribute to the softening of the enamel, and in order to restore requires at least half an hour.

At the end of the meal floss. Cleaning should be done carefully, in order not to damage the gums. Every day you can use a special mouthwash for mouth, which eliminates inflammation, aid in the prevention of dental caries and dental calculus formation.

Basically, bacteria accumulate in the language, so every day clean the sky and language with special brush.

Folk remedies also help to strengthen teeth. As one of them will fit the infusion of chamomile flowers. 2 tablespoons dried plants sealed glass of boiling water. Infuse the mixture for 15 minutes. Then is to filter, cool and rinse your mouth.

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To prevent tooth decay the dentist is worth a visit every six months, even in the absence of complaints. Also you should try to get rid of bad habits.

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