How to maintain correct posture in a child

Health of the spine causes the well-being of the organism as a whole. Correct posture helps not only external beauty, but also maintains the health of the internal organs, because the innervation of the spine controls almost everything. If the spine is bent, the nerve endings pridavlivaya, and this has an extremely negative impact on health. Occurs not only external defect in the form of scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis, but lesions of internal organs, diagnose, which can be difficult. To treat posture changes is very difficult and it can take a long time, it is much easier to prevent this unpleasant process.

Measures to maintain the correct posture in a child

• The right choice of furniture. It must meet the age and growth of the child. Too high or low table or chair causes the baby to stretch or bend, it is fixed as a habit, and spine are gradually getting used to this position and is bent.

• Tough enough sleeping space. Down feather mattress or a soft mattress are not conducive to healthy sleep. For the health of your back is much better pediatric orthopedic mattress - it is uniformly supports the entire body, forming the correct position of the spine.

• Control over the position of the child in completing homework, reading or working on the computer. A child, especially a small, likes to lie down the whole body on the table or sisiutl hand, it is very overloads the back and causes deformation of the spine. Children's bones are still soft and the muscles are weak, so the correct body position is very important.

• Sports and movement outdoors. Strong sports and active baby is a healthy back and a straight posture, because his muscles get sufficient exercise. They form a muscular holding the vertebrae in the right place.

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Take the posture of your child a little bit of attention and you will deliver him from such serious health problems as curvature of the spine, myopia and chronic headaches. It will require minimal effort and will soon become a habit for your child, while maintaining its health and beauty.

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