How to maintain beautiful skin in summer

Each season is unique and has its own charm. And summer is the long-awaited season - everything comes to life and transforms the sun doesn't skimp on the heat coming long-awaited vacation and holidays. In the summer, as ever, wants to look beautiful and well-groomed. But the heat, windy weather, dry air can harm the health of the skin, so in the summer it needs special care.

First of all, proper cleansing should be done twice a day, mornings and evenings. Because summer skin suffering from dehydration, it is recommended to abandon tools such as soap or alcohol-containing lotions and tonics. As cleansers you can use the appropriate type of skin lotion, foam or gel. Water for washing is also better not to abuse, and to use herbal teas or green tea.

For active hydration in the summer time, it is recommended to use the special moisturizer a lighter texture than in the cold season. Summer beauty tips from experts include adequate fluid intake - at least 2 liters daily, to compensate for internal reserves of moisture. And the surface of the skin is recommended to periodically irrigate thermal water and wiped matting napkins.

Of great importance and protection of the skin from excessive sun exposure. As you know, UV rays cause flattening of the epidermis, slow the production of collagen, provoke the appearance of wrinkles. To prevent these negative aspects, the therapist is recommended to use cosmetics with sun protection factor. Moreover, the higher will be the intensity of solar radiation, the greater must be the protective factor.

With great caution in hot weather should treat different kinds of cosmetic procedures, especially involving temporary microtrauma. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the skin exposed to peeling or beauty injections, you may experience spots difficult to treat.

Compliance with the basic rules of skin care in the summer will keep it healthy and young, and will heartily enjoy this wonderful time of year, as summer.

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