How to lose weight with ginger

Ginger is widely used as a cooking and nutrition. You can buy it in the store or in the pharmacy usually in the form of powder or tea. Sold also and ginger root.

Nutritionists say that losing weight with ginger root is the best way to lose weight, which connects both the security and the efficiency of the process, because ginger is a natural fat burner.

Losing weight with the use of ginger guarantees the improvement and acceleration of metabolic processes in the body.

Ginger tea

Most often in dietetics decided to use ginger tea. It has a pleasant taste and fragrant drink. Of cooking options invented a few, here are some of them:

1. Classic cooking. It is necessary on a grater to grate a piece of ginger. For preparation will be enough 2 large spoons of its pulp from the juice. They need to be put in a bowl or jar. Before grated ginger pour boiling water into the mixture you should pour the lemon juice (60 ml) and add a little honey. Tea is the hour to stand and after this time you can drink. In the beginning of the cycle of losing weight, you should drink no more than 100 g per day, consistently increasing the number of drinking up to 2 liters per day. To enhance the effect in tea also add chopped plates of garlic, which should infuse with grated ginger in half an hour.

2.Ginger tea with the addition of mint leaves and cardamom. 60 ml. of mint leaves should be crushed in a blender. After the mint should add crushed in the same way ginger root (1 part) and a handful of ground cardamom. The mixture is then you pour boiling water and let it brew for half an hour. As soon as the drink is brewed, it is necessary to drain. In the finished drink should pour juice 1 lemon and 1 orange juice. It is advisable to drink tea cooled.

3.Green tea with ginger root. Tea you pour boiling water and pour it in the thermos. There also need to add a little bit of dry ginger. Tea should brew for no more than 30 minutes. In addition to the effect of the slimming tea will also improve the skin and will help with the cough.

Salad with ginger

Properties of ginger also work well and salads. One of the most popular recipes is the following ratio of ingredients: three pieces cooked carrots, two pieces of cooked beet, lemon, ginger, orange zest, celery, one part. In the salad, add vegetable oil, after that you need it thoroughly to mix. Beets and carrots for the salad you can not boil and bake.

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It should be noted that losing weight with ginger is not a quick process. In order to see results you must drink it regularly for 4 months. Nutritionists say that if you drink tea with ginger root during the year, you can lose ten pounds and more.

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