How to keep your tan as long as possible

End of vacation, beach season ends, many for the summer months, purchased a beautiful Golden tan, to leave which does not want. What do you do to maintain a beautiful tan as long as possible without any additional visits to the Solarium?

First, wash you, do not go to extremes and to deprive yourself of hygiene in order not to wash off tan. However, should refrain from visits to the baths, replace it in the bathroom with vegetable oils or sea salt. Do not use St. John's wort or milk when taking baths or cosmetic procedures, the milk will bleach your skin, and St. John's wort induces the appearance of age spots.

Secondly, to keep the tan will help vitamin A. Take it in the form of vitamins or in the form of oil solution, treat dosage carefully. It is best to consult a therapist.

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Thirdly, a special diet. Fruit, leaf lettuce, red and yellow vegetables, drink better Apple juice or homemade lemonade. Recent studies have shown the destructiveness of artificial tanning for body, especially in adolescence, so to use it is extremely rare. In General, one short procedure in two weeks should maintain the desired saturated shade of your skin.

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