How to keep the vitamins and benefits of the harvest

The best source of vitamins is food from the garden. Unfortunately, in most parts of our country they are only available a few months out of the year. People have invented ways to keep the gifts of nature all year long. But homework for the winter are available in a large assortment. Still a debate going on about which one is more useful and keep more vitamins.

What is canning

The first way is canning. With his help, the hostess put winters on the table, berries, vegetables, mushrooms and fruits...

What plus canning? Such homework for the winter will help keep almost any plant fruit. Also easy to store because they tolerate temperatures from 0 to 15 degrees.

The negative sides have to include the need to add different harmful ingredients - for example, vinegar. It is no secret that children up to 3 years, such procurement is strictly contraindicated. Some time before it is allowed to offer children the products of fermentation. It's a good alternative to canning.

The pros and cons of drying

A very popular method of preserving vitamins - drying. This method is effective because it of the fruits of 80% of the moisture is removed. Advantages of drying is obvious - when it saves the usefulness and vitamins. The dried fruits can be given to children from an early age.

This product will not be harmful, but the drying is another disadvantage. It requires advance preparation. From berries to remove the bones, and for the type of treatment you need lots of sun and high temperatures.

Simple and effective freezing

A good way is to freeze. When homework is stored for the winter in this way, microorganisms in foods perish, but the vitamins are preserved. Frozen berries and fruit, vegetables, etc. almost never lose their original useful properties.

In order to achieve the freeze, will have to make efforts. Need a "shock" procedure, when the fruit is immediately placed in an environment with a temperature not lower than 18 degrees. Repeated treatments can not be. With this condition need to store the fruit, otherwise its vitamin properties will be lost.

What is which, through

The freezing and canning is an intermediate method - which, through. Sterilization in this case, optional, berries and fruits should only be dusted with sugar.

From the disadvantages include a very large amount of sugar. It is useful not for everyone, in addition, it decreases the usefulness of the products.

Every woman will tell for sure which of the above methods, it seems most appropriate. However, one does not exclude the other - that is, the gifts of summer you can save all of the proposed methods.

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