How to keep distance relationships? – answer by experts

Scientists tried to figure out the secret long distance relationship. To delve into the issue, it was necessary to conduct a large-scale survey of people involved in romantic relationships. As it turned out, the main thing is the low level of psychological stress. Should be easier to treat each other, talk to experts.

Low levels of depression and anxiety were allowed for a long time to save the relationship. This factor significantly influenced the closeness between people. In long distance relationships it is important to have a sufficient workload. Practice shows that when one person sits at home all day, and the second lost at work, the first suffers from a lack of communication that often becomes the cause of the break.

In another study, researchers from the free University of Amsterdam found that social network Facebook makes a long-distance relationship. The opportunity at any time of the day to write to your loved one helps to get over your breakup and find out news from the life partner online.

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