How to keep a tan after the holidays?

Every vacation (even the longest) has the property sooner or later end. But instead remain cheerful photo, vivid memories and, of course, a beautiful bronze tan. How do you want to save the sun and the weight of these pleasant sensations until the next holiday! And now, the photo is already comfortably settled in the album, memories from time to time pop up all the same bright and colorful, but tan with each taking a bath becomes less noticeable... But, if you properly take care of their dark skin immediately after returning from vacation, you can save a nice tan for a very long time.

1. Fixed "leopard" effect. Remember that the tan will gradually descend in any case, it is inevitable. Especially intensively this will occur in the first days after leaving the sun. To color never left stains, you need to regularly apply scrubs. The biggest misconception that cosmetic abrasive means to quickly wash off tan. Nothing like this! 1-2 times a week, take a shower with scrub. This procedure will allow you to align the color, make the skin smooth and beautiful. There is a little trick: use only natural remedies. To make this scrub can. This coffee grounds mix with olive oil and leave for a few minutes. Natural and healthy body scrub is ready! 2. Humidified skin. Not less important step in caring for tanned skin - hydration. Choose moisturizers that support brown color. Their composition can include coffee, black tea, coconut oil or Shea butter, cinnamon. Avoid funds, which include whitening ingredients: lemon juice, milk, cream, cucumber, aloe juice. Necessarily apply moisturizer on the body at least two times a day, especially after taking a bath. 3. If you have the opportunity to purchase organic coconut oil, it can be used instead of milk for the body. Don't be confused that it is to treat solid oils. Before applying enough to hold a piece of coconut oil in your hand and it will take the form of regular vegetable oil. 4. "Tanned" lunch. To keep your skin tanned for a long time, do not forget to include in your diet tanned products: citrus, tomatoes, red pepper, carrots, nuts (especially walnuts), domestic eggs, oily fish, cheese. When cooking, try to replace sunflower oil walnut oil. You can buy it in regular supermarkets.

By following these basic rules You will be able to preserve your tan after a pleasant vacation.

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