How to keep a good posture in early childhood

From early childhood, every child is exposed to various degrees of stress and as shown by medical studies the main cause of poor posture is the excessive weight of student backpacks, which is more than 4 kg that is why every parent needs with special attention to your baby and then in the future he will not have problems with posture.

In order to learn the correct posture if you or your child needs to stand up or put her baby near the mirror, while it necessarily has to be big. Note all the paired parts of the body they must be symmetric and to be on the same line. If you said that the child has small changes, you should not immediately sound the alarm. The fact that the asymmetry in adolescents often resolves on its own, if it is very noticeable, then you should seek help from a podiatrist.

If you want your child does not have such problems, you need to properly organize his working place. Note on a Desk, its height should be several inches below the level of the chest at that moment when the kid behind him sits. When a child is involved, the distance between him and his workplace must be at least 10 cm Apart from a writing table, enough plays an important role in the correct chair, which in any case should not be a stool. Only when there is a backless child will be able to correctly place the feet and knees in the floor, so that the angle of bend 90 degrees. If a Desk is higher than required, be sure to purchase or manufacture the footrest.

If after visiting specialist revealed that your child has problems, you will be able to help posture corrector. A great solution to such problems is a series of specialized exercises that perfectly train the abdominal muscles and back. The easiest is the slope, which should be done with an ordinary stick.

If you have problems with posture can be useful treatments such as swimming, which can be in an open reservoir or pool, as well as the use of radon baths. Not less important and necessary procedure is muscular, but he must be held with a number of gymnastic exercises.

To ensure that your child does not have problems with posture, try to closely monitor its development and constantly remind him that he was holding the back straight.

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