How to increase male dignity? Quit Smoking!

Scientists from Boston came to the conclusion that quitting Smoking affects the potency is much better than Viagra. Scientists have found that quit rates manhood was thicker, firmer and during erection and reached the maximum excitation five times faster than in smokers.

In the study participated 65 active smokers who wanted to quit Smoking and agree on laboratory measurements of their erections. They passed the 8 week programme of liberation from addiction and passed three erectile test before the start of the experiment, in the middle of the program and one month after its completion. To check the sizes of a member used plethysmograph, which measures changes in circumference and hardness while the subject looks at porn.

31 percent of men could successfully quit Smoking by the end of the study, compared with neudavhsimisya participants erection made them a member of a much more solid, thick and came much faster. However, this improvement is not evident until refusal nicotine patches.

75 percent of the quit rates of men never suffered from erectile dysfunction.

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