How to increase low hemoglobin

Today the number of people suffering from low hemoglobin level is very large, and every day more and more. Many cannot understand why this happens, because modern markets products provide us with a selection of the abundance of goods. Accordingly, on this basis, one should not lack any product.

But despite this, low level of hemoglobin in the blood is observed in children, men, and women, and the elderly, in other words - people of all ages. In order to prevent complications associated with low hemoglobin levels, need to be more attentive to your own body. The main symptoms of low hemoglobin levels are:

- dizziness, weakness in the muscles;

- paleness of the skin;

- rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath;

- fatigue;

- difficulty in swallowing food;

- cracks in the corners of the mouth;

When determining that you have a low level of hemoglobin, in any case, do not hesitate with his improvement. Many people do not know what to do in such a situation and how to increase hemoglobin. To improve you need to eat more foods containing iron and Vitamin C. Eat as meat products (chicken, beef, cod liver oil), and fruits with vegetables. Also significantly increases the level of hemoglobin a small amount of red wine.

In order to raise the hemoglobin to the desired level, can and should exercise. They must be constant and intense, only then the result will be noticeable. Fresh air is also a way to increase the hemoglobin in the blood. Often when you walk in the street, ventilate the area, do not let air to stagnate in your house.

During the holidays it would be very useful to move to a temporary place of residence closer to the mountains, or even directly to them. Special air that there is, increases hemoglobin even without different medications and diets. But still, if you are still and will use the right products, the result will not keep itself waiting long.

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Notice the low level of hemoglobin in young children is more difficult. Always pay attention to them and observe their behavior. The refusal to eat, excessive sleepiness, protoplanet - all this can be the bells for parents. Yes, these symptoms are not wholly owned are the result of low hemoglobin, but the survey still would not be amiss.

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