How to identify and prevent leukemia

Even in modern medicine to diagnose leukemia in the early stages is almost impossible. Therefore, only a carefully treating yourself and your health, you can recognize it by the primary characteristics and associated symptoms. Particularly attention should be paid to people who are at risk. Belong to this group: children with any genetic diseases; patients who undergo chemotherapy; patients undergoing ever organ transplants and people who IMMUNOSUPRESSIVE funds. To prevent the occurrence of leukemia today, there's absolutely no recommendations. Children with down syndrome and Li-o Fraumeni must be under constant supervision, as they are potential patients with leukemia. It should also be wary of excessive sun exposure, constant drinking, Smoking and improper diet. Because it can cause terrible diseases - leukemia!

Leukemia causes:

Types of leukemia more than a dozen, but what unites them is always that they appear quite suddenly and through any condition or disease.

-fainting and anemia.

-very fast fatigability.

-shortness of breath.

-increased sleepiness or insomnia on the contrary.

-memory impairment, confusion, carelessness, bad bodies and low brain activity.

blue circles or bruising on the body without any reasons.

sudden and unexplained bleeding nose and other organs.

-persistent disease angina and acute respiratory viral infections lasting more than 3 weeks.

various diseases of the mucous membranes that does not go away after taking antibiotics.

-aggravation or occurrence of herpes.

-frequent lack of appetite.

-fever for no apparent reason.

If you have any of the above reasons, do not postpone visit to the doctor, in order to prevent yourself from this terrible diagnosis. To get started, contact your physician, and be sure to visit a hematologist.

Be Healthy!

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