How to help loved ones when you binge

What is the sauce?

When people regularly, for several days, uncontrollably and in large quantities takes alcohol in any form, called avidly. And it's not in degrees, drink beverages, and the frequency and amount consumed. In the binge can be from one beer, if you drink it in liters several days in a row. A person after a horrible night's sleep, there comes a state of abstinence, simply put, a hangover. And in order to facilitate the state used a new portion of alcohol. If you do not calculate dose, instead of sober comes again intoxication. And the longer a person drinks, the greater the dose needed to relieve pain.

With the development of binge changes biochemical blood picture, body broken, and when receiving the next dose, the patient tries to "cure" themselves. However, against this background comes only total exhaustion, because people almost is not eating and only drinking alcohol.At some point saturation and the body refuses to accept ethanol, is his rejection, and the person or returns to a sober state, or dies.

What is dangerous??

Booze is extremely difficult and unpleasant condition. It is very dangerous for people with heart diseases, chronic diseases, in particular suffering from diabetes. And the consequences may be the most awful. Because alcoholism is a severe, incurable and fatal disease. So very often the outcome of binge - death. For this reason, people who seemed perfectly healthy, suddenly die from heart attacks and strokes.

Alcohol causes many chronic diseases of the digestive system and other organs, provoking the development of malignant neoplasms. Almost three quarters admitted by ambulance to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction were complicated instructions intoxicated.The main task in this situation to remove the condition binge, purge the body from decay products of alcohol, causing as little harm exhausted body. This is the task of the doctor.

The output from sapojkova it did in inhumane ways, pouring cold water on that provoked and even pneumonia. Now you can make a withdrawal from binge on their own, however, it is better if it will make the doctor. In the hands of modern medicine has the means gentle, when to stop drinking at home and in the hospital. When close down, they come to the aid of the medicine dropper and put the house. In addition to her need to help CCC (cardiovascular system), liver, kidneys and allow to rest. Because after the binge comes the persistent state of insomnia, you need sedatives and hypnotics. And when such care in a few hours people will be in good shape.

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