How to grow muscle anaerobic workouts

"Aerobic" is the presence of air or oxygen, and "anaerobic" - the absence of the first and second factor. Anaerobic exercise is intense and short workout, the body in which is deficient of oxygen. These exercises should be performed at the expense of stored muscle energy, and unlike aerobic exercise oxygen and air (entering the breathing process) is not needed.

Examples of anaerobic exercises the following: any kind of sprint (Cycling, Jogging and the like), weightlifting, overcoming steep climbs, jumping rope, isometric exercises, interval training or any other activity associated with fast or heavy physical activity.

Anaerobic exercise for a short period of time intensively use the energy of the muscles. This will help:

- will substantially strengthen the muscles;

- improve the rate limit VO2 (maximum volume of oxygen that can be used during training and effectively apply) and, consequently, to improve the function of heart and lungs;

it will increase the body's ability to resist the accumulation of toxins like lactic acid) and to force their withdrawal. This means that the body will increase a endurance, the ability to resist fatigue.

Anaerobic training in General, burn much less calories compared to aerobic training. However, they produce effective work in strengthening and building up the muscle tissue, and also we should not forget about improving the functions of the heart and lungs. In the end, increased muscle mass is conducive to weight loss and, consequently, to get rid of excess fatty tissue since much muscle mass requires more calories.

During intense exercise the muscles suffer oxygen starvation. A byproduct of anaerobic energy production is lactic acid. When blood accumulates a lot of lactic acid, it causes muscle fatigue. Because anaerobic exercise is short, but the body over time, all the better fights accumulating lactic acid. Gradually, the body adapts and easy perception of accumulation in the blood acid, and in addition the quality of its excretion from the blood.

It is worth noting that women during pregnancy to do anaerobic exercises are contraindicated. Also before training and after graduation, you should do warm-up and, consequently, their hitch.

In order to quickly build muscles you need to achieve anaerobic load on the muscles. Anaerobic process of energy production is included in the body in hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen in body tissues).

In order to indirectly determine mild hypoxia, which is the most effective training, you can use a special device - a pulse oximeter, which records the heart rate and oxygenation level (oxygenated) blood. To enable anaerobic process is necessary to achieve performance oxygenation level 93-95.

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