How to give yourself a good night's sleep

Many people today are asking this question, because chronic sleep deprivation has become not a disease, and the rhythm of life of almost every average working person. And if before the average person had to complete the rest of the body 8 hours of sleep, now 9 hours, pace of life, depression, stress, which in the future may be more serious problems. Sometimes sleep disorders can be explained by the simplest things, such as uncomfortable bed, not the pillow, the temperature of the air in the room, as well as nutrition and physical state of the person.

Comfortable sleep

The bed that we sleep is a very important place to ensure a healthy good night's sleep. The bed should be intended only for sleeping, you head to sleep better on the North, the magnetic fluxes of the earth. Also it should be great, firm mattress that is ideal for spine, because our body during sleep relaxes completely. Do not be lazy to go to a special shop with orthopedic accessories for sleep, ask them to advise You on the mattresses to choose the most suitable. And don't forget to purchase a mattress pad to protect it. Bed use of nice fabrics, do not buy this bed linen, which is for you to be uncomfortable. Do not use synthetics, it is not breathable, but our body needs to breathe freely. Try to get used to sleeping on a very low pillow, it will save you from the headaches that may occur during sleep on a big high pillow.

The room temperature during sleep should be much lower than when you are awake. The optimum temperature of 18°C, which is very good for sleep, as well as on the body as a whole. Less bright light, no noise.

For a good good night's sleep, take a bath, it really soothes, relieves a whole load accumulated during the working day. The bath can be taken together with aromatic oils, pour into it for 20 minutes before making. If you do not have time for a bath, take a shower - the water itself has a beneficial effect on the body and your body, psycho - emotional state back to normal from the sound of the murmur of water, and you calm down.

The rules of good sleep

Enjoy your dreams and be healthy!

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