How to give birth easily and without pain

A lot of women before childbirth admit that they are afraid to give birth because of the pain. Nature was created complex and multi-level mechanism of birth. And one of the components is a pain. Whatever childbirth, the pain will always be. But first it is necessary to understand the pain it ally or your enemy. Pain is your ally. Remember that pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life, it must be for you in joy.

Pain during childbirth begins to increase gradually. What is the beginning of labour is the time when you should prepare for childbirth, to get used to the pain, and to establish partnerships. And here the pain will be your ally. Than the harder the fight, the more is revealed to the neck of your uterus, what hurts more is patuha, the faster the distance passes your child. What hurts more, the faster you will meet with your baby. Therefore, the fight to survive.

And how to do it? You just need to try to relax during childbirth. For starters get rid of the trace of pain, i.e. pain after fights. Use the technique of progressive relaxation, i.e., successive relaxation of the body.

Also promote relaxation will help pleasant thoughts about the child: the family, or some pleasant memories. So it is not necessary to live in anticipation of labor.

For relaxation before a fight you should definitely choose a comfortable position. Because they have satisfied many. Promiscuous cries, their deterrence, delay cry equally harmful because they lead to exhaustion. During your scream can disrupt the cervix and the progress of its erection. While the cries of the child may experience fear or stress, as he had not experienced such.

Just to calm the pain will correct breathing. Once you feel pain include in their voices syllables with the letters "f" and "x". The syllable can be this type of "fu", "Fi", "Hu", "Chi", etc.

If during childbirth a woman begins for some reason himself to regret, much to panic, trying to escape from pain or some way to block it, she on the contrary will slow down the whole course of childbirth. Following "amazoncom triangle" fear begins to cause stress, and it binds the body of the woman, and all this together leads to acute pain. So, you need to control your emotions, it reduces the voltage and hence, the pain is not so strong.

Peak pain occurs when the neck of your cervix was fully disclosed, but the child is not yet released in the birth canal. But the pain will not exceed that which she could not withstand. And at that moment the woman really think that this pain is already at the limit, and she can no longer tolerate. But after that the contractions are less frequent and the pain slowly fades away. And here comes futile. The pain in them is different from the one that was still in combat. And after she helps the mother to continue to manage childbirth.

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