How to get slim and graceful waist

Every girl dreams of a slim waist. This not only enhances the beauty and femininity, but also speaks of a healthy body.

Proper nutrition

In order to achieve positive progress, and gain a slim waist, you must first change the diet. For the waist is very dangerous both sweet and fatty foods. If you absolutely can not exclude from the diet of sweets, they need to eat only in the first half of the day, preferably at Breakfast. You need to eat often but in small portions. In the menu of your diet should be vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, meat and fish, low-fat varieties. We need to limit the consumption of smoked, salted, fast food and bakery products - these products are not only spoil the shape, but also adversely affect the condition of your internal organs and skin. You should also minimize the intake of alcoholic beverages. Every day is recommended to drink half a liter of mineral non-carbonated water.

Regular exercise

It is impossible to have a beautiful and slim waist without regular exercise. With the help of physical exercises can easily maintain the body in shape. To get rid of unwanted inches, you must do the bends and twists of the torso. A great helper for girls is the hula Hoop.

These exercises for the waist will help you to make it shorter:

you need to lie back on the Mat, straighten and cross your feet, socks pull on itself. Hands to mix in the castle and make his head and elbows should be attached to the ears. Chin while tightly to your chest. When you exhale you need to raise the shoulders up, but the blades off the floor. Then inhale, and take the initial position.

you need to lie on your left side and bend your knees. Then cross his hands and put them on the back of the head. In this situation one elbow remains on the floor, and another elbow to raise the top. The right leg is raised and makes an angle of 45 degrees. When breathing in, the case should be raised, and the elbow should touch the knee of the leg. Exhale - you need to take the original position.


Now there are a lot of creams and lotions for body firmness, get rid of stretch marks and prevent cellulite. Daily use of such tools will not only improve the skin condition, but also make the waist more slender.

A positive attitude

Possible to achieve positive results, it is important to have the right mindset. You need to present in front of a mirror your thin waist and believe in yourself.

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