How to get rid of acne?

Many teenagers encounter trouble in the form of acne, or acne. Unfortunately, they rarely disappear by themselves. So, you want to fight them, not to remain for 30 years with the same problem. But it is necessary to be careful in this matter, as a purely mechanical effects on the skin can leave ugly scars, they are not able to get rid of.

To prevent this rash requires constant careful skin care. Always make sure that the cleansing antiseptic lotions do not contain alcohol, which can cause even more irritation. In the morning, clean the skin, you must moisturize. Very useful will be the cream that protects from the sun's rays. Specific areas of acne handle with drugs acupressure. Do not use scrubs and peels that could negatively affect the condition of the skin problem. Much more appropriate would be a mask with clay content. About other diseases of the skin you can find on

To restore healthy-looking skin apply cosmetics (lotions and masks) with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. Due to the fact that they, in addition to simple cleanse, restore the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, such funds will be able to provide the most beneficial effect on the skin.

Choosing a cleansing lotion, ensure that it has in its composition at least one of the following components: allantoin, zinc, gamma-linolenic acid, salicylic or glycolic acid.

If You have problem skin, extreme caution should be taken to the question of choice of decorative cosmetics. It is not recommended to use creams, the best alternative which will become powder. Read carefully the composition of the acquired cosmetics and try to avoid using blush and lipstick with content isopropylmyristate, lanolin and synthetic red pigments.

The cause of acne can be hidden inside the body. Acne can be caused by problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland, the gastrointestinal tract or ovary. Therefore, in case of a sudden appearance of acne should be examined by their respective doctors.

External remedies to treat acne contain azelaic acid and benzoyl peroxide and apply within three months. In parallel with that, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

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