How to get out of depression

There is an opinion that such mental disorders as depression, that is, the complete lack of energy and mood, often affects people who are engaged in intellectual work. Actually, it can hurt people of all professions, including business, but as a rule, passes it faster and is easier.

Depression is different and depend on the temperament of the person. He may withdraw into themselves, or Vice versa, loud and fast talking. Usually appear extreme vulnerability, anxiety, lack of pleasure from those cases that you've taken with interest.

Here are a few tips that will help to bring him to life:

1. In the morning, as it did not want to sleep, need to Wake up early and watch the awakening of nature through the widely open window. Getting out of bed, you need to tell yourself that a new day should bring a good mood, and try to see at least some good moments, uplifting.

At work, for example, during a break can be distracted and think about how good it will be held the evening.

One of the main causes of the onset of depression, is the excess noise of melanin. Developing it increases at night, and when daylight decreases. Its concentration can be a little lower, if you catch the morning rays of the sun.

There is a gym for a good mood:

To natursit forehead so that the skin was in the accordion, and then relax it. Remember a pleasant feeling of relaxation after this exercise will be executed ten times.

- Close your eyes and squeeze force eyelids. Relax, without revealing eyes. When this exercise can be a little tense temporal muscle. Eye exercise will help to relax tired eyes and dead yet to squint, as it often is in nervous tension.

To get up to the mirror and smile

2. The person experiencing depression, you can recall the events of life that are not solvable without him and it was successfully resolved. Praise yourself for what good deeds he has done in his life, remembering the entire period of time, starting from an early age. Indulge in pleasant memories every day, especially when the mood will begin to fall.

3. Zapisyvaite pleasant moments that occur in life.

In nervous agitation, inability to relax and concentrate help medicinal teas. For example, take two pieces of mint, one part Valerian and the same part of the hop cones. Two tablespoons of these herbs brew two cups of boiling water and steep for twenty minutes and strain. Drink one third of the solution in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime.

There is such a thing as seasonal depression, which affects the inhabitants of the middle band. Of course, few people will come spleen in the form of wet snow, the gray clouds and slush. The doctors in this case is recommended to use a high amount of vitamins, especially it is necessary to lean on vitamin C. to Limit themselves in carbohydrates, overlying the tea with lemon and all sorts of salads, fresh fruits and vegetables is the best solution. Carrots, fresh Apple and beets retain vitamins long enough.

You must also locomotor activity, because the psychological mood and movement closely. All this will help get rid of depression on their own.

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