How to get healthy and beautiful tan?

The desire to give your skin a chocolate hue due to the beautiful tan from time to time occurs every girl and boy. But do not forget that the sun can seriously damage your health and is strongly age. People of Mature age can overdry the skin, I lay a long time in the open sun. In hot weather, the body gets enough of the ultraviolet light even in the shade.

Different parts of the body react differently to the sun. Very quickly darkens the nose, chin, forehead and cheekbones. Do not forget about the individual characteristics of the organism. The ability to tan is affected by the thickness of the skin and the amount of pigment produced.

Beautiful tan - uniform tan. To get an even tan need to turn to the sun left and right side. So tan properly distributed across the face, and the ability to burn will be reduced to a minimum. Therefore turn directly to sunlight is not worth it.

To the sun were pleasant and helpful, the skin with essential fatty grease. That is, to wash, especially using a cleanser, before going out in the sun is not worth it.

You can get burned, smeared moisturizer or vitaminizirovanniy means. Ointments containing hormones also lead to this result. If you don't want to burn yourself or earn dermatitis, it is better to avoid using the above-mentioned cosmetics.

Immediately before sun exposure, do not apply oil or cream for sunburn. Their overabundance on the skin will cause itching and redness. You can just periodically update the cream during sun exposure.

After sunbathing should immediately wash off body sunblock.

Being under open sunlight, it is important to care for the delicate skin of the lips. Lipstick bright colors, interacting with ultraviolet light, can dry up the lips and cause cracks. In the hot season, the proper way is to use makeup, bright colors.

It is believed that the sun helps to fight against any defects of the skin, whether it's acne, pimples or pustules. It really dries and promotes delamination of the top layer of the skin. However, here we must be careful not to overdo it. You should not sunbathe every day, it is better to give the body a day of rest every night. For a start, enough a couple of minutes in the sun. Time can be gradually increased, bringing the sun up to 15 minutes. After this point the duration of the bath should also slowly reduce. First 15 minutes, then 12, 10, and so on, do Not forget about the system and the owners of oily skin.

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Follow this article describes tips and You will be able to get a nice tan!

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