How to establish a trust relationship with the child

The birth of every child waits with anticipation and trepidation. Since the day when parents learn the good news of the life conceived in my head they swarm a huge number of questions, the answers to which they only get in the process of bringing a long-awaited baby. At first, they just take care of small helpless creature, enjoy his company and rejoice in his success. But as children get older, parents have to learn how to raise him properly, to help cope with new and complex situations, to communicate with peers and other people.

Every adult wants, that would be between him and his child has established a real parental relationship, which every year became only stronger. Such a relationship implies complete trust that occurs between a child and an adult. It will allow the baby to adapt more quickly to the realities of the modern world, to spend a fine line between good and evil, to learn to get along with others and to achieve goals.

To install with the baby trusts psychologists recommend:

- to respect the wishes to take into account the interests, to listen to his opinion and applies even to a little kid as an individual. So, for example, you should not force him to play in those games that he doesn't want the moment to play at all;

- be sure to praise him for his good deeds and to rejoice in his achievements. It will be a kind of motivation for a child to learn. Because every kid wants to see on the faces of parents joyful smile and to hear words of praise;

- do not cheat and do not lie, even if the child is still small and can't speak. Children from infancy sensitively respond to changes in intonation, so often rejoice and speak words of love to your baby. This will guarantee trust and harmony that will be established between you in the future.

- do not raise your voice. Even if the child is not right or has been guilty of misconduct, it is not necessary to yell at him and, especially, to beat. In this situation, it is necessary carefully to make him a comment and explain why from wrong. If the increase in the child's voice and scold him for any act, in the future it will just be the answer You the same;

- more to play, to talk and just spend time together. Even if You are tired, busy with household chores or just feel bad, do not push and chase the kid. This is probably deeply hurt him, and he will remember a grudge a long time. In this case, it is necessary to explain to the child that at the moment to fulfill his request and to play with him will not work. But, after some time, You will play with them or go somewhere to unwind.

Even, if between the child and the parents still have disagreements, and they faced certain difficulties in mutual understanding, they should seek help from a psychologist, who will help to improve relations between such friends and relatives.

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