How to ensure the baby is strong and healthy sleep

Every young child happen to have problems with sleep. The reasons for this can be a huge amount.

Physiologically, the process of sleep in adult and child is very different. So newborn toddler wakes up only for feeding. However, after a few weeks time awake increases. Now after eating, he for some time lies with open eyes and studies the room in which it is situated. That's why experts recommend to carefully select baby bedding. It should be not only qualitative but also bright.

Pediatricians have made a special table for the duration of healthy sleep. It should target young parents. If after reviewing the table, the mother realized that her little baby is sleeping, you should look for the reasons.

To ensure baby's sleep, you can try to follow the rules:

• Bedtime baby should be well feed.

• Help to get rid of the crumbs from pain in the tummy. You can give him a special tool that will write a pediatrician, have a massage or to warm the tummy.

• After feeding, you can give the baby a pacifier. Sucking - physiological need a little man. It soothes the child, and makes his dream strong.

• In the room where the sleeping baby, the light should not be too bright and the sounds are loud.

• Each person has their own biological clock. Parents must adapt to the characteristics of the child. Should not be put to bed of a child by force.

• While the child is still very young and is still breastfeeding, it is advisable to apply the joint dream. Next to the mother, the baby will feel comfortable.

• To sleep in a little man was strong and healthy in the room must be certain conditions. Bedtime is necessary to ventilate the room. If the room is too dry air, you need to buy a humidifier.

• High-quality, well-made bed linen will help to make the baby sleep comfortable. You should choose the only kits, sewn from natural fabrics. The bright coloration bed will help the vision is tiny to get used to the colours.

To dream the baby was calm and healthy is necessary to remove all irritants. If the room is too high temperature, we should try to reduce it to a comfortable 24C.

Young parents will be hard to handle only the first time, as you gain more experience, they will easily be able to understand. What you need to do to the kid felt good.

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