How to ensure a comfortable night's sleep

Most people normally do not get enough sleep, because the pace of life is fast, you have to stay up late and get up early, and anxiety is not conducive to good sleep. Because of the bad night's sleep, the body is not resting properly, why in the morning, fatigue, lethargy, after some time, the start of health problems. How to ensure a healthy sleep?

Bed and mattress

If the bed is not comfortable, it is unlikely that it will be able to sleep well. Many people drink sleeping pills, which are harmful to health, and do not realize that the reason bad beds. First, it should be suitable in size, well, if the mattress is orthopedic and anatomical properties, it is convenient. If the bed and the mattress was old, their urgent need to change the available options abound. In the old beds can be germs, mold, fungus, which are even not visible to the human eye, at least dust it enough. In addition, they say that the old beds store man, not always good.


Sometimes a bad dream sometimes due to mismatched bedding. No matter how touted hypoallergenic silicone products, all the same pillow or blanket filled with natural better. It can be not only the feathers or feather, wool, coconut fiber, buckwheat husk. The last two filler often used for making pillows with orthopedic effect.

The rhythm of life

Despite the fast pace of life, you should try to go to bed on time. This should be scheduled for a certain time, you want to go to bed anyway. Over time, the body gets used to it, and to fall asleep at this time will be easier. Before going to sleep can take a relaxing bath with essential oils.

A place to sleep

Bed or sofa should not be in the place where you can blow draught, it is better not to place the head at the window. At the same time, the head lying on the bed of a man, should not be turned to the door.


During sleep and sleep must be complete silence. The whole family should be taught to sleep in silence. If there is a room with good sound insulation, individual family members can stay awake, otherwise they will interfere with healthy sleep. Sometimes teenagers like to sleep with headphones, which negatively affects not only hearing, but also on the brain. Earplugs not a solution, they create pressure in the ear.


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Some people used to sleep in complete darkness, others use dim light of a lamp. From the nightlight no harm, but bright light is not conducive to healthy sleep.

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