How to do pedicure correctly

The summer is over. It is getting cold. The procedure of pedicure for many leaves on the second plan. But let us remain wholly-owned by women, from the toes to the tips of the hair. Do not run your legs so that they looked beautiful at any time of the year.

The skin of the legs, as the skin proper care, so it is best to purchase the full set for pedicure. Do not neglect the scrubs to get rid of rough skin. To enhance blood circulation and relieve swelling massage the legs of various oils or moisturizing creams.

Using special tools, spare fingers of the feet from heavy rough cuticles. To do this, use drugs in the form of a gel, exfoliating tools, oil or cream to soften.

If you build step by step procedure of bringing the legs in order that it will look as follows:

1. Remove the extra length of the nails, not rounded and is not cutting corners in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of incarceration. After, give them a form with the help of a nail file (for maximum protection of the nails, it is better not to use a metal kind).

2. Apply a cuticle cream to remove any other tool for the same purpose, and after a short period of time, remove it using a special wand.

3. Treat feet with a scrub to remove dead skin particles and refresh the skin. Scrub you can prepare yourself at home with improvised tools: spoon of sugar, mix with a spoon of olive oil and the product is ready to use.

4. Massage your legs cream with moisturizing effect, moving from the ankles to the tips of the fingers.

5. Align the surface of your nails, polished it with special files.

6. Apply a base coat before the main shade of varnish to the nails have not purchased a yellow tint (in the case of using bright colors and varnish stayed longer.

7. Cover the nails with two coats of varnish (for more intense and smooth shades.

8. Complete the procedure fixing layer. Thanks to him, you will add extra Shine and shimmer.

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Your feet ready for any shoes and demonstration of their own attractiveness. Mistress happy, the mood at the highest level, which means that the day will succeed. To bring the mood up to the maximum level, go shopping and buy new things. After you invite your girlfriends and enjoy a pajama party. Let's appreciate the beauty of your fingers.

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