How to deal with nail fungus

Onychomycosis - nail disease caused by pathogenic fungi. They may occur onychogryphosis - thickening of the nail plate; onycholysis - their destruction, change of color, onychatrophia - streaks and spots on the surface of the nail. Often affects the toenails. In patients with onychomycosis is often observed clinic fungal diseases of the feet or fungal infections of different localization.

Most often affects the nails 1 and 5 toes, but there are times when the process involved all the nails of legs at the same time. Quite often, the onychomycosis occur after damage to the skin around the nails, including fungi. Nail fungus usually from the periphery, and in a few months, the process extends over the entire nail plate. In some forms of fungal infections, the disease develops slowly over several years, begins from the center of the nail plate in the form of yellowish-brown spots, and eventually spreads to the entire surface.

For the topical treatment of onychomycosis often used surgical removal of the nail. After that, the nail bed daily treated with 10% iodine tincture to the emergence of new records. Also, the nails can be removed by application of 50% salicylic ointment or Mycospor". If the defeat of the nail plate limited use antifungal lacquer loceryl.

However, no surgical removal of the nail or various local methods of treatment does not guarantee full etiological and clinical recovery. Only the use of systemic antifungal agents allows to achieve full cure of onychomycosis. The most effective modern drug for the treatment of fungal diseases is Itraconazole (Orungal). With the defeat of the nails of the hands hold two courses of pulse therapy with Itraconazole and disease of the nails of the feet - three course. Drug taking 2 capsules (200 mg) twice a day after meals for 5-7 days (one course). Then do a three-week break and the continue treatment. When using antifungal medications should not take hepatoprotectors (for prevention of side effects).

Prevention of onychomycosis, it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene, as well as to timely diagnose and treat fungal infections of the feet and hands.

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