How to deal with children's hysteria?

Tantrums occur in many children. According to statistics, more than half of the two-year-olds rolls his daily tantrums through the permanent causes. The age at which to begin these phenomena varies as the time interval during which they are repeated. The average duration of hysteria is approximately five minutes. There is a category of children that day happens several cases of manifestations of emotions, lasting more than an hour.

During the negative emotions of the baby experiencing protests, expression of anger, for example, throwing objects, screaming, slamming the door. Then the intensity of the hysteria grows, the child gets loud shouts, may engage in self-harm, to injure themselves or others. It is clear that all this worrying, although there are quite a common phenomenon.

To the question: "How to cope with children's hysteria?" - no clear answer. Before, either way will work - will have to try many options.

1. Warning of the storm. Anticipating what will happen hysterical children, you can try to distract the child: to tell a story, play or simply to make something extraordinary.

2. Ignoring performance. As soon as a negative emotion, you should leave your child alone, go in the other room. As for tantrums, how to play the right audience. If there is nobody to look at it, and the need to show emotions will disappear.

3. Consistency is the sign of mastery? The child should always know where the boundaries of parental patience, in this case decreases the probability of exit for them the baby and the word "no" is easier to read. In other words, we cannot easily change their position on something and be allowed to do that yesterday was prohibited.

4. Treatment arms. Some children are helped to cope with emotions hugs or when they take arms, as if squeezing a temper tantrum". However, there are two options: to look him in the eye or to the side. Will have to try both to see what works.

5. Rhythmic swaying. Scientists have found that children who take arms and shake, less iterat than those that left to themselves.

6. A little talk. In older children the frequency of tantrums decreased, if you talk to them about the reasons for the manifestation of negative emotions and ways of solving problems.

There are some actions that cannot be done when there is hysteria in the baby:

• to beat him, as manifestations of physical force which causes more vivid negative emotions;

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• don't give up and show weakness, because then the child will understand that parents can be manipulated with the help of his anger and tantrums will become even more.

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