How to deal with alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a complex problem, a serious disease, difficult to treat. At the moment on the Internet there are lots of materials that do the relatives of the patient in case of occurrence of the first symptoms of the disease. But what if your relatives are unable or unwilling to help you, and you were with your problem alone?

How to quit drinking?

Binge drinking is the first sign of alcoholism. In other words, if you drink a few days in a row, take alcohol in the morning, alone, in front of you is a serious problem that requires immediate treatment. You need to understand that alcoholism treatment is complex and lengthy, requiring the maximum work from you. But, if the problem has already been realized - the first step to recovery is made.

From a medical point of view, the continuous intake of alcohol is especially dangerous for the body. The fact that alcohol is not directly cleaved by the body. First, he turns into aldehydes, which are the strongest poison. It aldehydes is the main cause of a hangover. Split they're using special enzymes, for two or three days. But if we continue to poison the body with alcohol, these substances do not dissolve and accumulate, poisoning you stronger every day and causing irreparable harm to health. So drink a few days in a row should not under any circumstances - not only the alcoholic, but also a healthy person.

The danger of self-medication. "Delirium tremens".

In order to successfully solve the problem, it is better to consult the expert conducting the conclusion of binge at home - he will be able to carry out detoxification of the body, which not only will save you from more serious problems, but also greatly facilitate the treatment process.

The first and most serious mistake you can make an uninitiated person who is engaged in self - sharp and full refusal of alcohol. Such a method may lead to serious complication of the disease - alcoholic delirium, or, in simple terms - "the white fever". Contrary to popular belief, this kind of psychosis occurs not due to excessive alcohol abuse, namely the refusal of him, and through one to three days.

"Delirium tremens", in fact, alcohol is "fragile", and can lead to serious psychological problems, sometimes irreversible. If you have no opportunity to address to the doctor - limit alcohol intake gradually moving to more weak alcohol. Try not to visit those people or places that are associated you with "cultural consumption". And most importantly strive to become healthy, free man - the effort to cure, to return to you a hundredfold!

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