How to cure vascular grid on the face and legs?

Today it is very easy to meet people with these or other vascular defects. Almost 50-60% of the adult population is on your face or body of different size and shape of the vascular points, stars, grids, etc. of Course, in most cases it is not dangerous capillary "expansion" that are solely cosmetic defect. But, nevertheless, these benign growths, especially on visible parts of the body which can cause serious psychological discomfort. Despite normal physical condition, visually such people do not look very healthy, but sometimes it can be even psychological discomfort, such as when applying for a job.

Why and where are these capillary expansion? The reason for this is not well understood. It is believed that the most likely reason for the formation of telangiectasias (visible capillary defects) is a genetically caused a weakness in the walls of blood vessels of small caliber. Another theory explains that superficial vascular net due to lack of innervation of the capillary walls due to which these vessels lose their elasticity, stretch with the formation of "pockets" and additional "branches". It is known also that the provoking factors can be prolonged sun exposure, passion extreme heat treatments (sauna, winter swimming), botched facial cleansing and exfoliation, the use of alcohol or certain hormones. Whatever were the causes of this phenomenon, all doctors say that the blood vessels as a result of such injuries cease to perform the function of blood circulation, so they can and need to get rid of.

With all the complexity and apparent diversity of vascular defects special laser systems cope with them easily enough. The best for this purpose, to date, is a neodymium laser (Nd:YAG), with an operating wavelength of 1064 nm. For such a device the target is only damaged vessels, and healthy skin during the procedure is not affected. The mechanism of action of the laser beam on the vessel there are two important points. First - light energy beam neodymium laser is selectively absorbed by protein structures red blood (hemoglobin), damage to the formed elements (erythrocytes, thrombocytes) are contained in pathologically altered capillary. The second is direct damage to the inner lining (intima) of the capillary. Thus, the capillary walls are glued together (contractedout), but after a certain time covered by connective tissue and cease to be visible on the skin surface.

The whole procedure of removing abnormal surface vessels takes a few minutes and tolerated by patients comfortable enough. In some cases, after the procedure you may experience redness and some pain that pass within a few hours. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow patients during the first two weeks after treatment, laser removal of blood vessels:

To learn more about the process of laser removal of pathological superficial capillaries, visit the clinic's website Cosmolux.

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