How to cure the flu?

The flu is considered one of the most serious infectious diseases that affect the pulmonary system. The flu is accompanied by a pronounced General intoxication of the organism and infects the upper respiratory tract. In the cold season the incidence of influenza increases, and about once in a few decades it can take a pandemic.

The flu differs rapid development of the disease, the body temperature may rise for a couple of hours to 39-40 degrees. While the defeat of the respiratory tract is not significant. Runny nose, feeling a tickle in the throat, hoarseness and dry cough are lost amidst the vibrant clinical: pain in the brow, eye, and temple, chills, fear of bright light, General weakness and lethargy of the body, sweating, aching muscles and joints, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, and often on the lips and wings of the nose occurs herpes . When there is a fever of the above symptoms can be added delusions and hallucinations. Severe forms of the disease are accompanied by nosebleeds and in some cases loss of consciousness.

Depending on the severity of flu symptoms emit very heavy and severe, moderate and mild form of the disease. The flu also dangerous complications during illness. Elderly people and small children because of the imperfection of their protective functions carry the disease more difficult.

How to cure the flu? Moderate and mild form of the flu can be treated at home, after consultation with doctor.

Isolate the patient from others, if possible in a separate room. Daily perform wet cleaning and necessarily as often as possible, ventilate the room in which the patient. Scroll to the patient individual household utensils - utensils and hygiene items (towels and handkerchiefs).

The patient must take antiviral drugs against influenza prescribed by a doctor and, if necessary, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, such as aspirin, paracetamol and dipyrone.

It is recommended to stick to a certain diet that includes digestible food and eliminates all sharp and salty. And, of course, one of the necessary conditions for recovery is eating a warm liquid, for example, lingonberry and cranberry juice, milk, hot tea or decoction of lime-blossom. If the current treatment does not give results within 5-7 days the patient is usually prescribed antibiotics.

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