How to cure paralysis scientists suggested Zebra fish

Researchers found out how Zebra fish after injury restores spinal cord injury. As experts suggest, this is an incredible discovery will give the opportunity to find ways to stimulate regeneration and also the person that writes The First Post.

So, the secret is hidden in the protein fgf (fibroblast growth factor), state Peter currier and Yon Goldsmith - leaders of a group of scientists from the Institute of regenerative medicine Meassage University (Australia).

In the case when a person or any mammal receives a spinal injury, then there is activation of the immune system, including in the work of the glial cells that stop bleeding. When dividing glial cells form a fairly large education, which isolate the damage zone. Thus, the formation of glial scars.

These scars (or scar tissue) do not allow axons of neighboring neurons, the cell structures of neurons, to penetrate into the wound and send signals to the brain. The result is the development of paralysis. This is the main problem, which does not allow mammals to carry out the regenerative processes after spinal cord injury, but the fish axons can be held in the damaged area.

Fgf controls the shape of glial cells and has a correlation with the difference in reactions to trauma in fish and people. Fish have the ability to completely regenerated within two months.

The experiments gave the following result: influencing fgf, it is possible to carry out the accelerated recovery of the spinal cord even more.

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