How to cope with your complexes?

Almost everyone has some complexes, but not everyone admits to himself. But the recognition of complex problems is the beginning of the path to its solution.

The complex itself is a kind of limiter - a Stop sign, which does not develop the person, it is not possible to be confident. The complex is a misconception about their own psychological and physical disadvantages, forcing their owner internally to worry about, but not to show this to people.

If the owner of the complex perceive reality correctly, he begins to fight with them, trying to eradicate and at the same time to prove that he is worth even such as it is. It is people with large complexes and achieve something in life: become famous musicians, politicians, etc.

To get rid of complexes, it is necessary to work above itself, his "I" or obratitsyasya help from a psychologist

1. First of all, you need to determine the cause of the complex, to understand where he came from. Not for nothing they say that all problems in humans starting with his childhood: what inspired the parents to the child, and develops his inner consciousness. If the kid is always to say that he is the most beloved, beautiful, that all of his work, and the child grows in full confidence that he will be able to achieve in life on their own, the main thing - to want.

2. You need to assess the situation "through different eyes", to think that the ideal people, characters and destinies does not exist. In every person's life alternating light and dark bands, but you should never give up, and perhaps just a little wait.

3. The most important thing is to learn not to pay too much attention to public opinion, never look around, and go straight along the chosen path, leaving the past behind.

4. You can use the usual psychological training: in the morning, before leaving home just smile at her reflection in the mirror and say, "I am the most beautiful, the best, the smartest, I will succeed!!". The first time, the smile will be stretched and the words are not too sincere, but each time people increasingly will like, you will discover positive aspects and smile and the words will come from the soul, and indeed, life will get better, and complexes to retreat.

5. Another effective method is to write down on paper all the qualities that you want to buy, all the desires that I want fulfilled, and read this list aloud daily, clearly pronouncing words.

6. It is recommended to delete the "not" part of his speech, it is better to say "I want!".

7. You should also put yourself in real life goals and gradually move towards them. To help us determine the purpose, it is necessary to take a large drawing paper and place it from top to bottom, as the importance of all desires. It is desirable to have a signed picture. Attach the Whatman paper in a prominent place, to look constantly bumping into him in the head was formed ideas about how to proceed.

8. The most important thing is to love life, and in it - yourself, here are all manifestations. In this case, the anti-complexes will end in complete victory over them.

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