How to cope with anxiety and stress

Unfortunately, depression, stress, neurosis, today is not uncommon. There are dozens of types of neuroses and hundreds of reasons for their occurrence.

Neurosis is a relatively mild mental disorder (reversible), caused by traumatic mental factors.

Physiological manifestations of neurosis can be very diverse: the habit of nail biting, poking nose, scratch your head, clicking his knuckles, and ritual movement. For example, people stepping cracks in the paving, gaining confidence that the day goes well, my hands continually warns disease, etc. And the person experiences this need, and to deny these things is useless.

Sometimes manifestations of neurosis can mimic the symptoms of physiological disease: paralysis, epilepsy, heart attack, etc., In a state of emotional excitement in humans, there is "a sense of suffocation", "lump in throat", "internal shaking", "fainting".

Depressive neurosis is always in a bad mood and appetite, and is accompanied by insomnia and low blood pressure.

Neurasthenic neurosis is manifested by irritability, temper and fatigue. People "explodes" for nothing, and then realizes his guilt and asks for forgiveness, although next time in response to a stimulus responds in exactly the same way.

Many factors can be the cause of neurosis: the individual characteristics of the human psyche, Constitution, education, character, personality, illness, psychological trauma, stress, failure and negative experience in resolving conflict situations. Subsequently develops depression, chronic fatigue, irritability and a General dissatisfaction with life.

Self-treatment of neurosis can benefit, if you approach it correctly and comprehensively.

As the main feature of any neurosis is unresolved internal conflict, we should try to understand this conflict. Make a list of your problems and plan for their elimination. Don't run away from problems, but not to take too much on your shoulders and mind. Decide things gradually in complexity.

Good calming effect has tea with lemon balm, mint and motherwort. Aromatherapy also promotes relaxation and improved sleep. For this purpose suitable oil of lavender and sandalwood.

Massage, hydrotherapy, walking and even a properly designed diet have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Of course, if self-treatment of neurosis does not bring any results, you should consult a specialist. Only your doctor can choose the appropriate medication.

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