How to cleanse the body from toxins

It often happens that caring about cleanliness, we, first of all, the implied purity of the housing that surrounds us. And forget that the body as a "temple of spirit", also needs to be purified.

How to cleanse the body of toxins? Is it possible to do this painlessly? How often to carry out these procedures? We will try to understand.

Start with proper nutrition

To begin, you need to critically evaluate daily food. All that is artificially created and not found in natural form in nature, should be consumed in minimal quantities. For example, cakes, fried meat, pastry products, cakes. If you have a sweet tooth, it is best to replace the pastry on a lance, grapes, bananas, watermelon.

The diet must be present and fish, for example, steamed. Also, you should only drink pure water, without the addition of gases, sugar, etc. the tap Water is also not suitable because it contains traces of chlorine, gasoline, and even mercury.

How to cleanse the body from toxins

And now, by watching your diet, you can move on to cleaning the body from toxins. This is not the enema, as many think, and Supplements, that is, biologically active additives. The choice should be approached very carefully, because the abundance of fakes, alas, has served Badam bad service. Good Supplements, for example, containing cellulose, vitamins, minerals, etc. that stimulate the gut, improve digestion, promote growth and development of beneficial bacteria. But you must follow the instructions and drink course, to take a break.

Another nice way to cleanse the body from toxins is watermelons. If the liver could talk, it would say "thank you"! Preferably once in 2 weeks to arrange a day of fasting, eating watermelon. Not only will you clean the liver, but also feel an incredible lightness. In the evening after the "watermelon day" take a warm bath.

Very useful and salad, which can make any hostess. You need to take in proportions 1: 2 beets and carrots. Grind them and season with olive oil. Beets stimulates the formation of red blood cells, chlorine contained in these vegetables, cleanses the liver and kidneys, and potassium stimulates the bowel.

As you can see, to cleanse the body of toxins is not so difficult. But we must begin, of course, change your lifestyle in General and food in particular.

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Be healthy!

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