How to choose toothbrush

On the shelves of every modern shop with cosmetic products presents a variety of toothbrushes. Sometimes people get lost and don't know how to choose the right brush. This article will tell you how to find your brush set.

The brush material

In the past for the manufacture of brushes used natural bristles. It was pig bristles, which are currently not used. The fact that in natural bristles always accumulate a lot of bacteria, which when brushing your teeth fall into the oral cavity. In the future, this can cause problems with gums and teeth. Another minus natural bristles - excessive softness. Natural bristles are unable to effectively clear the mouth from bacteria and food debris. For effective cleaning of the oral cavity need to get a brush with synthetic bristles.

The stiffness of the brush

If you look at each package, you will notice that there is a degree of hardness of the bristles. The stiffness of the bristles depends on the fiber diameter, which was used to create the brush. If the diameter is large, and the bristles will be tough. Today, the brushes are divided into several types according to the degree of hardness: very soft brush, soft, medium hard, hard brush and very hard.

Very soft brush suitable for young children up to 5 years. It does not damage the gums, but at the same time cleans the teeth from contamination. Soft bristle is recommended for people with sensitive teeth.

A soft brush is suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years. If the gums are bleeding, sore and swollen, doctors recommend brushing of soft bristles.

The average stiffness is considered to be the most versatile. It can be used by children over 12 years and adults with healthy teeth and gums.

Brushes with stiff and very stiff bristles cannot be used without the doctor's recommendation. Otherwise they will damage the gums and abrasion of the tooth enamel. In addition, the hard bristles of the brushes are not very flexible, so they are not able to remove dirt in hard to reach places.

The size of the brush

For daily use dentists recommend to buy a brush with short working part, which covers approximately 2 teeth, standing nearby. The baby brush length should be 18-25 mm Brush with such length is easier to clean the teeth, especially in inaccessible areas.

The life of the brush

Toothbrush is not eternal, it needs to be changed about once a month. On the artificial setae over time, there are bacteria that can harm teeth. The maximum lifespan of a normal toothbrush - 3 months.

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