How to choose the right size of clothes for expectant mothers

Closet women “in an interesting position,” according to scientists, should be characterized by diversity and predominance of bright colors. This will be done without the happy days of pregnancy more enjoyable and memorable. Once the woman has conceived a new life, she becomes even more beautiful, and it means that she in no event it is impossible to hide all over the rounding from month to month form under the robes. Throw away all his inhibitions and enjoy every day of this nine-month magic period.

Some believe that pregnancy putting on the wardrobe of women many limitations, makes it boring and monotonous. Now, once and for all throw out of my head this misconception. For pregnant women there are many options for fashionable and stylish clothes. For example, going on a picnic, the expectant mother will look great in pants in a relaxed fit with drawstring in combination with a short top. As a worthy alternative to the top may also be a longer shirt or t-shirt. Pay special attention to the footwear, as in your situation it should be comfortable. The best option for the above package will be sneakers.

In addition, in the summer, the expectant mother will be irresistible in dresses of chiffon fabrics in bright colors. However, if before pregnancy you have preferred a quiet bed colors and don't want to change his style, in this case to help you come to a variety of accessories that are bright and saturated colors. As such additions to the basic clothing can be jewelry, shoes, wonderful hat, handbag and other fashion collections for the future mom on site service for pregnant One+One.

It should also be noted that the figure of the woman with the pregnancy begins to change quite rapidly. For many years you got used to one size of clothes, and now starting to get lost with sizing favourite outfit. Don't worry on that score. Your size has remained the same. Just now in your new clothes appeared different adjustable inserts that increase one or the other model in the process of growing tummy. These inserts your closet will be relevant for you even after you become a mother.

Please note that the intrauterine development of the baby is an increase in the uterus. Due to this, the mother is forced to visit the ladies ' room much more often than before. Therefore, I advise you to prefer more convenient for these cases clothing. You will be much better if you stop your choice on jeans instead of a suit. However, if you are an ardent fan of the latter, when purchasing, please note that the straps did feature lumbar support and match your growth.

Next, a few words to say about choosing a bra. Your Breasts will increase in size, so from the second month you will need a bra, having fastened the ribbon stock. Please note that the Cup was convenient and did not compress the breast. In addition, we recommend purchasing a nursing bra one size larger.

Oh, and, of course, do not forget to buy a brace. He will need you already the fourth month of pregnancy and will help to remove lumbar overhead, and will ensure the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks. Note that the elastic bandage should not dig into the skin.

Take care of yourself and enjoy this magical time of your life!

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