How to choose the right barbecue - recommendations gastroenterologist

On the eve of may holidays physician-gastroenterologist medical center Medsat" Petrenko Lyudmila tells about the basic rules of safe for the health of the picnic.

People who have problems with digestion, it is recommended to choose chicken or Turkey for cooking kebabs. As for pork and beef, they are extremely not recommended. However, any meat, regardless of its status (raw or roasted), carries the danger. Raw meat can infect the human intestinal infections and worms, and burnt contains carcinogens.

As a side dish for barbecue best vegetables that are cooked on the grill (broccoli, carrots, zucchini, potatoes). We should not forget about fresh herbs (dill, lettuce, green onions, parsley and fresh salads. The latter is recommended to use before kebabs - it will contribute to the preparation of the body to digest. Physician-gastroenterologist strongly recommended not to take smoked sausage, bacon, bacon and hot sauce on a picnic.

Also, remember that alcohol plays a role of an additional blow to the liver. The greatest harm overeating will cause those who have held the post. Often the result of careless feast may be the development of acute pancreatitis.

To run the intestine during the picnic will help mobile games. Someone who does not calculate the forces and overeaten, the doctor advises to take drugs on the basis of Pancreatin. If the positive effect was not achieved, you should immediately contact a medical facility.

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