How to choose the breathalyzer?

The breathalyzer is a great assistant for drivers and all those wishing to control yourself. Select breathalyzer for yourself or for a company in such diversity is not easy. Here it is necessary to take into account the following considerations:

- if the device will be used rarely, for example, once a week or even less, then you can choose any you like breathalyzer. This also applies to those cases, if you have the opportunity, time and the need to address the special metrological service for recalibration;

- if the measurements will be performed daily or at intervals of several times per week, but the possibility of carrying out the re-calibration of the sensor the owner will not.

Considering these facts is to choose a completely different device. Because some of them might carry on day 5 (self-control), 250 (professional) analyses.

Breathalyzer to control other people is another variant of the device, allowing to determine the level of alcohol in the blood. In this embodiment also important how often you use the device, but you still need to remember that I can check to try to cheat during the test, for example, only to pretend that it blows or slightly blowing. Therefore, the device is equipped with a function "antiban", which controls the flow of air. Important here is the role of selectivity in relation to alcohol and measurement error.

In addition, the choice of such devices it is necessary to consider what the consequences of waiting for check in if is exceeded the permissible level of alcohol concentration in blood: the measurement results to the person may be subject to certain sanctions (such as suspension from school, work, fine or other administrative measures), or it will be sent for further medical examination. In such cases, if there are disputes between controlled and controlling, it is best to use such a breathalyzer.

Drivers should understand that this device is a great helper and defender from dishonest representatives of the traffic police. Moreover, the breathalyzer will warn you from driving drunk enough to check yourself and you will realize that you can get behind the wheel or not. Remember that thus you not only save yourself from fines, but may save not only the lives of the people you found on the road, but also your friends and relatives.

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