How to choose safe toys for your child

The toy is not only fun, fun, but also the path to the knowledge of this world. It is extremely important that it was not only educational, interesting, bright, and absolutely safe for the baby. Alas, we live in an imperfect world, and often, what should be pleasing, can bring disappointment, and even serious damage to children's health.

Buy toys is only in specialty stores. And let there they are often much more expensive, but the chances of that fun was all "hell" (the stages of security control), and much more. The Internet shop of children's toys can be a good alternative to conventional stores, the quality of the toys is the same but the price is much lower. It is extremely important marking - it should be printed in the state language, easy to read, not to be washed off. On the label should appear: the trademark of the manufacturer of the toy, its location, the symbol indicate the age, in the form of a circle with the face contour.

Below we offer you some expert advice on how to choose safe toys for a baby, and how to opt out, if she is poor.

1. Always use the following criterion toy should not smell at all. The stronger it is, the harder, the more the toy emits into the air poisons.

2. Avoid strongly of plastic toys, covered with varnish, paint. Also toy in no case shall touching her to leave traces.

3. Buy too loud toys also not worth it, children can be frightened of sharp sounds and hate this game. The sound of the rattle has ears to caress, but in any case no stun. Otherwise, your child may even cause diseases of speech, hearing, why do you need it?

4. A good toy should be strong, all parts are durable, reliable must "sit" on it. The parts on a soft, elephants, bears and rabbits should not be glued, as it is sewn.

5. Avoid soft toys too fluffy or feathered. Parents, don't be shy, at the time of purchase you can check out the toy on reliability - pull small parts, hair, hair. And if it the test will fail, blame will only manufacturer.

Insist on receiving a certificate of compliance to the toy, or the Declaration. These documents are issued only after the necessary laboratory tests. Check the date of the submission of your papers? There is a sense to learn whether the articles in the Annex to document with articles on toys. Of course, this procedure will take some time, but you will have security guarantees, and what could be more time spent? Only the child's health!

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