How to choose braces for adults

According to statistics, the malocclusion is observed in more than 80% of the people. Every second needs the help of a dentist. Malocclusion in adults gives the chance to avoid caries, periodontitis, gingivitis, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This requires to choose the most suitable braces. The choice is not without the help of an experienced orthodontist, because only he will be able to find the optimal system.

Types of orthodontic appliances

Depend on the types of braces in the first place from the material (metal, plastic, ceramics, and so on). Is set to the installation location: when the outer side of the teeth, the vestibular structures on the inner - lingual. The value of the structure affects the type of locks. The most common systems at the moment are:

1. Lingual made of metal, which are mounted on the inner side of the dentition, so they are not noticeable. In addition, the system allows to correct malocclusions, which difficulties are correctable conventional systems.

Among the shortcomings are noted: the diction in the beginning of the installation and high cost.

2. Self-ligating systems allow through a special mechanism to reduce hundreds of times the friction of the teeth with the offset for the period of wearing, that is, to minimize the load on the teeth compared to conventional braces. In addition, such orthodontic means not pressing on the blood vessels in the soft tissues.

Advantages of treatment abound:

• extended intervals of doctor visits up to 8-10 weeks.

• time of visits is reduced because of the ease of the installation process of construction;

• the result is observed already after 2-3 months.

The disadvantage of this method is high cost.

3. Bestpositioned are made of silicone and provide a decent substitute for braces. The advantage of this method can be called, what treatment imperceptibly and comfortable for the patient, because the system is removable and put on a couple of hours during the day and also at night.

The disadvantage is the presence of contraindications for the intended jaw or distal offset.

Sapphire and ceramic braces also have their adherents, but they are expensive, although almost invisible on the teeth.

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The most important thing when choosing braces, find a good dentist and his dental Studio. That is a huge advantage, as the quality of treatment of malocclusion in adults depends on teamwork dentist and orthodontist.

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