How to choose a good gynecologist

Gynecologist, perhaps, can be called without exaggeration the most important doctor in a woman's life. If the gynecologist is good, then he will become the best friend for many years. Women's health requires very careful treatment. The stress and excitement that filled the life of modern man, may have an impact on it is not the best way. Unfortunately, the effects of many adverse effects not immediately obvious, therefore, to visit the gynecologist every woman should at least once every six months. It is desirable that the patient has seen a doctor. But how to choose the experienced and attentive?

Many women believe that the gynecologists in the state clinics do not have sufficient skills, so I prefer the expert services of private clinics. Actually, this approach is not quite correct. Among doctors who work in private centres, far from all those professional and psychologically professional qualities really qualified. However, many workers in public health facilities to cope with even the most serious female diseases.

So, what are the qualities of a good gynecologist? Let us call the most important of them:

• the inadmissibility of personality assessment, behavior, character and personal life of the patient;

• peace and goodwill;

• performing work without personal evaluation of other gynecologists;

• careful attention to the patients;

• the inadmissibility of the leak of information about the health status of the patient to a third party;

• commenting actions during the inspection, warning the patient about the possible sensations;

• purpose of oral contraceptives only by results of the analysis on hormones;

• prohibition of imposing any medicines;

• reading and explanation of the records that the specialist leaves the map of the patient, answer any patient questions.

Usually, if a woman chooses the services of professional gynecologists, it is entitled to receive the business card of a doctor with contact phone number to contact him at any time and ask questions to clarify the details of treatment, discuss strange symptoms, make an appointment. The doctor should not be ashamed or afraid! The most important thing is to choose a specialist who will carry out their work responsibly and in good faith!

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