How to choose a crib and mattress for a newborn

Orthopedic mattress for a newborn should help to develop children's spinal column without distortion. He should be comfortable, it is a newborn baby to be almost all the time. The modern market offer different mattresses for the price and quality, but to choose the best mattress for your baby is not so easy.

1. For a baby you need a hard mattress, because the spinal column them straight, without bends. Physiological bends are formed only 3 years, then you can buy another mattress with springs.

2. For a newborn baby mattress you want to buy with no springs, not caving under the weight of the body of a child.

3. The mattress for a newborn should be harmless.

4. Important the quality of the mattress breathability. It provides hollofayber, coconut fiber, cotton. Great filler orthopedic mattress - buckwheat husk, which has a good effect on the respiratory organs.

5. The crib should be chosen with rack, modular base, so there was good ventilation.

6. When buying a mattress, you need to buy a special mattress that moisture penetrates the inside of the mattress. He must meet all hygiene requirements, no rustling, no hovering, pleasant to the touch. He should not disturb the sleeping child.

7. The mattress can be a source of allergies. It is wool, natural latex materials often cause allergies. Therefore it is better to choose a mattress from holofiber, coconut fiber, cotton, polyurethane foam.

8.To date materials for children's mattresses are hollofayber and coconut. Hollofayber at a price more expensive than coconut. They are perfectly breathable, well dried and do not absorb odors.

9. The best manufacturers of mattresses covered with a special antibacterial substance (green tea extract).

10. The mattress cover should be made of natural fabrics, the best cotton.

11. The top surface should be seamless, because it will be the child. Otherwise, the baby will be uncomfortable, it will act up. But to understand the reason whims is not always easy.

12. All these factors need to choose the right mattress for a newborn, as it affects his health.

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