How to choose a bronzer and what they are

A wonderful invention for those who want to achieve a beautiful tan at any time of the year. With this tool you do not need to wait for the sun or tanning. From him no harmful effects from ultraviolet rays. If you cannot get a tan, and beautiful bronze skin tone I want to have self - Tanner, what you need!

Bronzing is a tool in the form of a cream (lotion, gel, wipes, etc.,), which gives a dark tinge to the skin surface. After applying self tan the result is visible within a few hours. Unfortunately, the tan lasts from 3 to 7 days, so to keep it for a long time is to use the tool regularly (every 2.3 days).

If you are the owner of light skin and hair (blond or red), and bronzer or tinted lotion should choose labeled "for light skin" or "light shade". Otherwise, because of the strong contrast, you run the risk of becoming like the roast suckling pig.

With dark skin, it is not easier. If you select the tool, marked "for light skin", then you will get a light, barely visible tint. So to get a beautiful bronze tan you need to choose the tool labeled "dark skin" or "dark skin".

Also, if you are new to using bronzer, it is best to start with lighter shades. So, if something you do not like or shade will not lie exactly, you will quickly get rid of the resulting color.

Tanning in the form of lotion or creams are moisturizing and nourishing properties. So you will be able to get not only a beautiful skin tone, but will take care of her. But such funds are absorbed more.

Bronzing spray is much easier to apply, especially on the face and neck. He spent more economical. And after using the risk to be striped or spotted sharply reduced.

Wipes mainly used to give shade the face and neck. As for the adjustment of the places where the sun goes down faster (hand location strapless, etc) or where the skin cannot tan by natural causes (scars, stretch marks).

- Remove hair from the body, in any convenient way, so that they do not interfere with the smooth application of the funds at least a day to avoid irritation.

- For smooth and long lasting tan, you will need yourself a good clean of dead skin cells using while taking a shower scrub or peeling for the body.

- After bath treatment should be completely dry, because the bronzer should be applied only on dry skin of the face and body.

- Start the application upwards in a circular motion, taking a small amount. Make sure that the application was uniform throughout the surface of the skin. On his knees and elbows in advance, apply a rich cream to avoid too intense shade in these areas. On the elbows, knees, and ankles apply a very small amount of money for tanning. Apply to the back bronzing yourself is very hard, so you will need a helper.

- After application, do not wear clothes and try to stay in an upright position for about 10-15 minutes until the tan is fully absorbed into the skin.

- After you finish the procedure, thoroughly wash hands and nails.

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