How to care for immobile patients

Various diseases chained to the bedside of people and elderly, and very young. Without assistance these people cannot do necessary care and supervision. The causes can be different: the effects of some injuries, other diseases, just old age, which is complicated by the diseases. Such people are United immobility, such people need support and help. People are not prepared for various occasions that they occur. The first thing you need is patience, faith and most importantly - forces. Second - medications and other improvised means: without them the care impossible.

Waterproof diaper, cotton, diapers and other auxiliary tools. When changing diapers needed the diaper so that the sheet does not get wet. The diaper is also necessary to cut it under the sheets - prevents soaking the bed and the mattress. You can use any diaper, but the best diaper size is 60 x 90 cm For the patient will need about 30 pieces of diapers per month. The diapers to hold urine and its odor, if a person's incontinence. Into groups according to the degree of moisture retention and share of diapers. Such information ask at the pharmacy.

If a sick person suffering from incontinence, you may need somewhere 70-90 diapers for one month. For making tampons you need wool, cotton swabs using camphor alcohol treated skin areas that require treatment.

The vessel must for going to the toilet for themselves and for emptying of the stomach, if necessary. The vessel is necessary to choose carefully and very closely. The ship is best to choose from plastic, so it wasn't too cold. It should be comfortable.

Medications are necessary to care for a bedridden sick people: camphor alcohol, ointments and gels, drying ointment. All medicines are always agreed the doctor.That the man was not formed sores, you need certain areas of the skin that can cause bedsores smeared with camphor alcohol. A harbinger of bedsores is the darkening of the skin on the back, thigh, near the heel. It is better to prevent darkening on the skin, it is necessary to periodically change the position of the supine patient and RUB camphor alcohol skin areas on which people long lies. The sick person may not work the stomach, so you will need in your inventory to have a laxative (to be discussed with your doctor, exactly what will fit the person). This small list of supporting tools will help you easily cope with their duty to care for the sick man.

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