How to care for dry facial skin, get rid of peeling and aging

Do not despair, if nature has given you dry skin. Try to use the products for skin care, which you don't have to run to the pharmacy or in the store. Mask for the care of dry skin should be used in several courses during the week doing two or three masks. If you have dry skin care product for the skin should be washed clean, preferably hard water, softened water can add baking soda. Choosing a care product for the skin and creating masks homemade, prefer natural components (yolk, mayonnaise, vegetable oil, yeast, honey). Facial masks are a wonderful means to care for the skin, softening and toning her, nourishing vitamins.

For the mask you will need two teaspoons of mayonnaise, the egg yolk, a few drops of olive oil, which is thoroughly mixed, applied to the face, top, gently spread a teaspoon of green tea. After twenty minutes, the mask on dry skin wash off with warm water and nourishing cream.

To prepare the mask for the care of aging skin take a teaspoon of cream, one and a half tea spoons of fresh cucumber juice, two drops of oil (tea, vegetable, mix until smooth, achieving a foam. The mask should be applied on face for half an hour, after which it remove cosmetic tissue, use when washing means to care for dry skin (toner, lotion, foam) or prepare a decoction of medicinal herbs (chamomile, mint, calendula).

Dry skin will help hot mask brewed in half Cup of boiling water half a teaspoon of black tea, strained infusion add a teaspoon of flax flour, boil ten minutes, cool and add half a teaspoon of honey. The mask is applied on the face, covering it with foil and a towel and stand for twenty minutes, after which care for dry skin is completed by removing the mask by washing with warm water and application of nourishing cream.

For the mask to care for dry skin take a teaspoon of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of honey, grind until smooth, add two teaspoons of juice of gooseberry. The mixture is applied on face for fifteen minutes, washing the face with cold water and completing the care of the skin by the application of nourishing cream.

How to make a mask for dry skin of the walnut?

To nourish dry skin with vitamins, cleanse and tone the skin, use a mask of purged from the walnut shell, mixed with one teaspoon of butter and the yolk of chicken eggs and honey. This means on care of the skin should be maintained for thirty minutes, then rinse with water.

How to relieve dry skin from peeling?

One tablespoon of chamomile flowers make a half Cup of boiling water and steeped for hours. To prepare the mask for the care of dry skin take one teaspoon of extract and a tablespoon of butter, mix and applied on the face for half an hour, then wash off with water. To care for dry skin will help mask of one tablespoon butter, one egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of chopped fruit (mountain ash, plum, persimmon, Apple), pounded to education puree. Mask put on face for half an hour.

For the preparation of free water take equal quantity of juice of melon, raw milk, mineral water, mix thoroughly and use for dry skin, rubbing the face three times a day. From the juice of the melon is prepared mask and conducting a course of treatments twice a week for 20 times. The skin care carried out in the form of a compress with melon juice, apply on the face for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Care for dry skin on the basis of masks from natural ingredients will help to make your skin velvety, return it a healthy and natural Shine.

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