How to calm a crying baby – the answer scientists

Parents sing to the child than to try to talk to him. However, this method uses most of the parents. Scientists believe that the conversations do not help in the case where a crying baby you need to calm down. In experiment took part 30 young children aged six to nine months. While crying they included the prattle of other children, records of conversations adults or Turkish music, writes CTV News.

Turkish music was chosen for a reason. Scientists specifically chose unfamiliar child language. The mother of the children was behind them, which ruled out the possibility of contact with the child. It turned out that Turkish music is twice as likely to have helped to calm the child, than the dialogues adults or baby talk.

If the music helped to calm a child on average for 9 minutes, then the same indicator for other methods did not exceed four minutes. Scientists advise mothers to the children sing different tunes when they cry for no apparent reason. Apparently, this is the best way.

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