How to breastfeed

Everyone knows about the enormous benefits of breastfeeding, and the sooner it starts, the healthier will be the kid. Currently, many neonatologists are committed to breastfeeding on demand, departing from the usual hourly applyings.

This question should be guided by the desire of the child to eat and inner feminine intuition. Breast-feeding is not quite a simple as it seems at first glance. Some women initially experience severe pain due to cracking of the nipple at the first feedings. Over time, the nipple heals, and this discomfort almost all moms will disappear by itself.

To be a little prepared for the challenges of feeding, many women are advised to study the Express course of breast feeding.

Highlights of correct breastfeeding:

• Need to give the breast on demand baby.

• Position mother should be the most convenient and comfortable.

• Do not teach the newborn to a pacifier or nipple, it is more difficult in subsequent breastfeeding. A child can simply refuse the breast, water is better to give from a teaspoon.

• Before each feeding, the mother should wash his chest.

• Experts advise to feed the baby at night several times to increase lactation.

• Good attachment to the breast will ensure no problems and discomforts during feeding.

To avoid trouble during feeding, you should know the basics of good attachment. They are as follows:

• The child must grasp not only the nipple, but the area around it.

• The chest should be placed into the mouth, holding it with two fingers in the flattened condition, the shape of the mouth of the baby.

• You must ensure that the nose of the baby was not closed chest, for this the index finger follows the plot of the breast.

• After the kid will eat, wear it in a vertical position to release air and excess milk.

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During breastfeeding, the mother should use in your diet a correct and balanced products, to exclude completely from food allergens, and other harmful ingredients. The underlying factor in this moment should be no stress and emotional turmoil. The presence of emotional contact between baby and mother, and calm will allow you to keep breastfeeding in the required amount.

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